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The VICTOR Foundation was created to employ ex-Servicemen and woman of our armed, emergency, merchant and security services, particularly those traumatically injured, or suffering the effects of exposure to such injuries caused in the recent Iraq and Afghanistan conflicts, in the Information and Communications Technology (ICT) and related sectors.

The organisation is headquartered in Scotland and our trustees, who live as far apart as Canberra, Johannesburg and London, and are presently drawn from the three armed services: Commander Simon Reay Atkinson RN, Mr Guy Munnoch, and Air Vice-Marshal (Retired) Ron Elder.

The VICTOR Foundation owns an operating company which will employ at the five major garrison locations in mainland Britain, where the greatest concentration of veterans are located.

Using the latest in digital ICT, these veterans will be linked seamlessly in a way familiar to and comfortable to them, and which will provide accountability, agility, mutual support, traceability and speed of execution to the VICTOR organisation. Veterans employed by the operating company will deliver digital work worth paying for in a variety of disciplines. British companies of conscience with mission-critical processes and systems, and multinationals with significant British interests, will prefer this surety to their current near and offshore offerings, as they will now be able to subcontract digital services from a quality assured source that appreciates commercial urgency and strict commercial confidence.

To channel suitable employees into VICTOR Operations Limited, the Foundation is working directly with the Army Recovery Capability (ARC) to pre-select the initial candidates for full-time employment and training from the pool of British servicemen and women currently being rehabilitated. We are developing, in collaboration with some of our academic partners --the Universities of Aberdeen, Cambridge, Edinburgh, Glasgow Caledonian and Strathclyde-- a novel, interactive approach to this selection process. As we develop more tools for collaboration and working by those with impairments, VICTOR will become a focal point for the British defence industry, and those of our allied nations, to implement and study and test these engineering and medical advancements.

The VICTOR organisation aims, by the end of 2015, to employ around 100 veterans in fulltime positions, with many hundreds more in part-time capacities: on applications development work, as surge staff to allow us to cope with short-notice rises in demand, and on the sites of our customers in various capacities - auditors, contract delivery and IT support staff.

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